10 Strategies to Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process

What is lead nurturing? A method of increasing lead conversion, lead nurturing is about building a meaningful relationship with potential customers as they make their way through the purchase decision-making process. Like with any relationship building, nurturing leads takes time and effort.

Automating Lead Nurturing Process Strategies

To improve your conversion rates, there are strategies for automating your lead-nurturing process.

1. Email marketing campaigns

Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process 1

Sending the same content to the same prospective clients just doesn’t cut it these days. Personalized content leads to more sales. Additionally, your email content should be curated toward lead behavior. For example, if someone visits a specific page on your website, downloads content from your website, goes to a certain landing page, etc., then they should get an email that matches their behavior and needs. Someone who visits your blog post on replacement windows should automatically receive emails about replacement windows.

2. Multiple channels of communication

Automation makes it possible to align your communication across multiple channels. If someone visits a page about energy-saving windows on your website, then you can target them with social media ads for that product. This is one example of many ways to create multiple touch points of communication through automated lead-nurturing strategies.


3. Offer downloadable content

Helpful, evergreen content like white papers, blog posts, infographics, product brochures, and more are always appealing to prospective window buyers. Content that provides value and answers common questions and concerns will assist customers with making a purchase decision. At the same time, it sends the message that your content is worth their time to download, and leads will be more likely to engage with you.

Offer free content to leads by giving the opportunity to opt-in with their email and contact information. That way, when someone signs up for downloadable content, they will automatically receive an email from you. This automated lead-nurturing strategy helps you build a relationship with prospective customers and helps you build your email list.

4. Follow up with leads via call tracking

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This strategy sounds simple at first, but don’t underestimate the power of following up at the appropriate time. Timing can make the difference between making a sale and losing a sale to a competitor. Automation makes it easy to follow up with leads as fast as possible.

Call tracking is one form of automation that makes this simple. If someone visits your homepage and calls you, then you can use call tracking to have the call forwarded to your phone (whether you are in or out of the office). This allows you to be there to answer questions and get a feel for what their window needs are. You can also set up call tracking so that when a lead calls, their information goes straight into your CMS, and you won’t have to go searching for it later.

5. Personalize your advertising

Online advertising is one area where networks like Facebook and companies like Google have made it very simple to find and target specific audiences. Customers looking for a window dealer and installer are easy to find when you target lookalike audiences based on demographics. Don’t underestimate the power of old-fashioned advertising.

6. Software for automating lead nurturing

If software is something you’re ready to invest in, there are programs like Zapier, Zoho, GetResponse, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, etc. that will automate lead nurturing for you. Software like Zapier integrates tools such as Dropbox and Slack to save you time and effort as you complete your lead-nurturing tasks. Also consider using content management platforms like Hootsuite to schedule social media posts and follow mentions and likes.

7. Segmentation  

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Conserve your energy by targeting potential customers where they are at. For example, you wouldn’t approach a new lead with a lengthy, complicated sales pitch. It’s more effective to reserve your salesforce’s time and effort on leads who you have already developed a relationship with and who are further along in the purchasing process.

Email marketing is one area where you should be segmenting your audience. Segment out emails with tools like Mailchimp; don’t send the same email to previous customers as you would send to new leads. Send welcome emails to new leads and send information on replacement windows to previous customers who may need to upgrade.

8. Automated Interactive Content

Gather information and gauge how you’re doing by sending interactive content to leads. If a prospective customer has met you at a tradeshow or attended one of your events, for instance, encourage them to fill out a poll or a survey. This gets you feedback and also grows your email list. Alternatively, offer the opportunity to enter a contest for a coupon or for a free consultation.

9. Live Chat

Stay up-to-date on the latest technology for automating lead nurturing. One of the most popular automation tools right now is live chat. Install live chat on your website, so that leads visiting your site know exactly where to go with questions, comments and concerns. Not only does this improve your customer service, but it also creates a space where you can answer questions while capturing leads. Some live chat services involve a chat bot that answers questions immediately. Meanwhile, you can always answer questions when you get back to the computer.

10. Lead Scoring

Score leads based on their behaviors and how much they are engaging with you and your marketing content. You should follow up with high-scoring leads as soon as possible.

Have your salesforce reach out immediately. Meanwhile, you’ll conserve time and energy by communicating with lower-scoring leads in smaller ways, such as email or social media. Know when it’s time to progress from engaging someone on your website, on social media, and at events, to engaging them with a sales representative from your team to close a sale.

Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process 4

The lead-nurturing process can increase sales by as much as 50 percent! As you continue to tweak your automation strategies, you should see more lead conversions and more sales. Be sure to test out what works and doesn’t work for your customers and for your website, and adjust as necessary.


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