17 Ways to Promote Your Window Business Locally


When selling and installing windows, most of your customers will be from the local area and surrounding neighborhoods. To get more people through the door and more people picking up the phone, you need to promote your business locally.

Check out the following 17 ways to promote your business locally with both conventional and new marketing strategies.

1. Google My Business

Whenever someone googles your business, they’ll see a section on the right-hand side of the browser with your Google My Business listing on the first page of Google. You’ve probably used this feature on your own while researching products, seeking services, or searching the contact information for businesses and stores.

To effectively direct web traffic to your window business, be sure to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. Update it with the most current information, so potential clients can easily find your location, hours, phone number, reviews, website, and photos.

2. Yelp

Most people don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore. They’re researching businesses online, and Yelp was created as a platform to help people find local businesses. Users search for the services they need and a list of businesses near them pops up. Creating a Yelp profile for your window business is free.

Fill out and keep your Yelp profile up to date with your location, hours, address, photos, and website. You can also list and verify the services you offer. Users viewing your profile will be able to get directions to you via Google Maps.

Customer reviews on Yelp will be influential in a customer’s decision to work with you or not. Users will review you using 1-5 stars. They can leave comments and photos of the windows you’ve installed in their homes. Be sure to check your Yelp profile to see what customers are saying about your services.

3. Customer Reviews

Yelp isn’t the only place where customers will be leaving reviews on your window services and window options.

Nowadays, there are various platforms where users leave reviews, including Facebook, Google, Houzz, Better Business Bureau, etc. According to invesp, 90% of customers read online reviews before checking out a business.

Word-of-mouth isn’t limited to just your friends and family - users from all over your local area will be sharing their thoughts about your work on their windows.

In addition to staying in the loop on the internet reviews about your local business, you may also have to deal with negative reviews at some point.

Potential clients researching your windows online will definitely be checking out what previous customers had to say about your work.

Regularly look at the reviews you’re receiving. If someone mentions a problem they experienced, be sure to reach out and see if there’s anything you can do to make it right.

4. Place Business Cards at Local Restaurants

Have you ever walked into a local restaurant and noticed a table or a spot where people leave business cards? Add your business cards to the pile! Restaurants are an excellent spot to leave business cards, with permission of course.

They get lots of local foot traffic, and people often need something to read while waiting to be seated. They may pick up your card because they’re remodeling their home, updating their windows, or they may have a friend or family member who they know is seeking your services.

5. Sponsoring a Youth Sports Team

What better way to give back to your local community than to sponsor a local cause? Many businesses choose to sponsor local youth sports teams. It builds goodwill with your customer base and it also just feels good to help out where you can. Agreeing to sponsor a local team means that more families will be able to sign their kids up for sports.

Sponsorships are a great form of advertising, especially in today’s digital age where many individuals choose to ignore ads, mute them, or block them from their internet browsers. Plus, you can get a tax incentive when you donate funds to a local sports team.

6. Blogging

Having a blog on your business’ website is a great way to educate customers, grow website traffic, and optimize your website for search. However, your blog can also be a venue for promoting your business in the local area.

For example, a blog about past projects you’ve completed on homes in the local area. Post photos of the work and descriptions of the windows you installed, the design options available, and the reasons why people should replace their windows.

Follow up by sharing the post via your social media accounts.

7. Direct Mail Marketing

A traditional but effective form of local advertising is to mail out materials like postcards, flyers, mailers, and catalogs to your target market in local neighborhoods. Include professional artwork and a call-to-action. You can also pair the mailers with ads on Facebook to strengthen the impact of your message.

8. Local Media

Online marketing strategies are not the only way to promote your local business. Don’t forget about the local, traditional forms of advertising. Be open to collaborating with local media, like radio stations, television stations, newspaper advertising, and magazine advertising.

9. Contests

One simple way to collaborate with local media is to run a contest. Offer a discount for the winner or a free window if they buy additional windows for their home.

A contest excites people and encourages them to get to know your business, the windows you carry, and the installation services you offer. You can also run your contests simultaneously on your social media platforms.

10. Joining Neighborhood Facebook Groups

Like on Yelp, neighborhood Facebook groups are where people look for recommendations on services in the community. Facebook users can publish posts asking for recommendations for local businesses like hairdressers, veterinarians, doctors, auto centers, etc.

Join local Facebook groups and post helpful comments for locals looking for work to be done on their windows.

11. Advertising on Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a local community app for smartphones that brings together neighbors to post community news, share recommendations for local businesses, and interact with one another. In order to use the app to connect with their neighborhood, users have to verify their local address.

To promote yourself on Nextdoor, start by claiming your business on the app and verify your identity. Set a budget and run sponsored posts that appear in users’ news feeds on the app and in emails.

Get started by asking previous customers to post recommendations for you on Nextdoor.

12. Advertising on Facebook

Promote your local business on Facebook by running targeted social media ads. Decide which demographics to target, what budget you are working on, and your objectives. Ads on Facebook will feature a photo or artwork, a call-to-action like “Get Directions” and “Call Now,”, and buttons like “Like Page.”

13. Geolocation Ads on Social Media

Geolocation ads, or location targeting, are ads you can run on social media that will target customers in your location. Using geolocation to promote your services to local customers is effective for generating local leads.

You can run geolocation ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Try using these ads to promote a discount and see how many locals you can get through the door.

14. Table at Farmers Markets

Many local businesses choose to table at community events like farmer’s markets where they can get face time with the local residents. Consider registering for a table at local events. Dress up your table with a company tablecloth and give away pens, business cards, and small gifts to spread awareness of your window installation services.

15. Movie Theatre Ad

If you live in a smaller city or town, you may have noticed that some movie theatres show ads for local businesses on the big screen before the previews start.

This is a great opportunity to market yourself to people while they’re chatting and eating popcorn. You never know who may be new to town and looking to remodel their home and upgrade their windows.

16. Add Yourself to Local Directories

In addition to Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, Houzz, and the Better Business Bureau, be sure to add yourself to websites that feature local directories for businesses and services. Check out these directories to get started:

  • Yellowpages.com
  • Local.com
  • Community Walk
  • Thumbtack
  • Yahoo Local
  • Super Pages
  • Apple Maps
  • Angie’s List
  • Foursquare
  • MapQuest
  • Yellowbot
  • LinkedIn Company Directory
  • ShowMeLocal

17. Have an Event

Bring people to you by hosting a free event that’s open to the public. Invite the people on your email list, and be ready to engage with new and past customers.

Offering a free event like a picnic or a bbq to celebrate the beginning of summer will attract locals who may have never heard of your window options. Hire local musicians to play and hand out business cards and giveaways.


With these strategies in your toolbox, you’ll be able to make connections with local customers and expand your windows business as they get to know you and your product. Sunrise Windows believe that customers love to hire local businesses and grow the local economy.


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