20 Negative Keywords Every Window Professional Should Add to Their Google PPC Campaigns

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We all know what keywords are and why they’re so important for online marketing. However, if you aren’t taking advantage of negative keywords, then you may be wasting money on PPC. We’ve compiled 20 negative keywords that every window professional should add to their Google PPC campaigns, and here’s why.


What Are Negative Keywords?

In Google PPC campaigns, you’re bidding on keywords with the hope that traffic will increase to your website, along with conversions. However, what happens when people are typing in keywords that are mistakenly leading them to your website?

You are bidding on keywords to send potential customers who are seeking window dealers or installers to your website. What happens if someone is searching online and is NOT looking for windows for their home, but they end up at your website anyway?

For example, let’s say someone is searching for new windows for their car, but their Google search keeps directing them to your website. They’ll land on your page, but they aren’t a potential customer. They don’t need home windows; they need a different kind of windows. Ideally, you don’t want to waste marketing budget on getting people to your website who are in no way interested in hiring you to install or in speaking with you about buying windows for their homes.

How to Implement Negative Keywords into a Google Ads Campaign

By defining negative keywords in your PPC campaign, you can avoid targeting the wrong leads online. Visit Google Ads Editor Help (previously known as Google AdWords) to learn more about how to prevent the wrong audience from seeing your ad for your home window business. It will also save you money on your PPC campaign when you avoid directing people to your website who are in no way interested in converting into a new customer.

Google Ads Editor Help has an article, Add Negative Keywords, that can help you define negative matches for your PPC campaign, First, go to Keywords and Targeting. Then navigate to Keywords, then Negative. Hit Add negative keyword and choose Ad group negative keyword or Campaign negative keyword. They also have instructions on how to add multiple negative keywords.

Their article notes that negative keywords do not work the same as normal keywords in Display and Video campaigns. A maximum of five thousand negative keywords can be considered.

Negative Groups (List of Actual Negative Keywords) That Every Window Dealer and Installer Should Use

Negative Keywords Google PPC Campaign 2

Negative keywords may seem related to your business at first glance, but if you look closer, you’ll notice that they’ll actually send uninterested leads to your website. That’s really the opposite of what you want your Google Ads to accomplish. It’s important to choose the correct negative keywords to make your campaign more effective.

Word Stream recommends looking at actual user query data to determine negative keywords for your campaign. Look at the related keyword searches, and you’ll notice keywords that people are searching that you know aren’t related to window dealers and installers. (Hint: it helps to sort terms by number of impressions.)

Below is an actual list of negative keywords (discovered through actual user query data) that every window dealer and installer should use. (Please note that these are the main keywords we found, and that this list is not exhaustive.)

In addition to using actual user query data, this list was created using keywords targeting different types of windows that are not what you are selling at your business. For example, you will notice that many of the negative keywords on this list involve services and installation issues related to Microsoft Windows operating systems. Save your marketing budget by avoiding sending people looking for help with Microsoft Windows to your website. This list also helps avoid the wrong customers who are looking for help with car windows.

There are other negative keywords on this list that help you avoid people who are set on “doing it yourself” (DIY). These are included because if you’re a windows dealer and installer, you want to lead potential customers to your website who want to hire you to install your windows (not people who want to install them themselves).

  • Custom windows icons
  • Windows 10 installation
  • Windows 7 installation
  • How to install windows 10 from usb
  • Windows installation usb
  • Windows installation disc
  • Car window replacement
  • Window replacement diy
  • Window installation diy
  • Sliding window algorithm
  • Sliding window air conditioner
  • Double hung window wiki
  • Window specials permissions
  • Windows special folders
  • Special folders windows 8
  • Special folders windows 7
  • Windows special directories
  • Windows systems folders
  • Microsoft windows special
  • Window replacement services [incorrect location] (For example, you don’t want to target leads looking for window services in Colorado if you are located in Nevada).

By including negative keywords in your Google Ads, you will see your ads become more effective, targeting the leads you want to send to your website. You’ll save time and money when your PPC campaign is properly configured to target the right audience who needs your window services and offerings, and you’ll save time, so you can focus on the right leads for your business.


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