4 Ways Window Professionals Can Repurpose Their Digital Content

Content repurposing is the process of taking a piece of content (e.g., a blog post) and using it to create another piece of content (e.g., a video). It can include recreating a piece of content in a different format or combining two or more content pieces to create a completely new one.


Smart window professionals use this strategy to produce more content for their marketing campaigns quickly and affordably. To make the most out of content repurposing, you should create a plan for repurposing each piece of content you create and keep it in mind during the creation process.

Why repurpose content?

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Repurposing content is essential for businesses that want to publish various types of content on several marketing channels regularly. Businesses that repurpose can:

Reach a new segment of their audience - You might only be publishing blog posts while a certain percentage of your audience prefers getting new information in the form of videos. Repurposing your blog posts into video content will help you reach that segment of your audience more effectively.

Get the most out of their content production efforts - Repurposing an existing piece of content is usually quicker, easier and more affordable than producing it in the first place. Repurposing allows you to get more out of every piece of content you produce.

Drive more traffic - If you have a proven method of driving traffic to your content, producing more content through repurposing will give you even more opportunities for driving additional traffic to your website.

Save time - Creating quality content from scratch is time-consuming. Reusing an existing piece of content to create something new will save your business plenty of time and allow you to focus on promoting your content.

Breathe new life into low-performing content - Some of your content might not be performing as well as you hoped it would. The content itself might not be the issue, but rather its format. Repurposing this content by recreating it in a different format will give it another chance to shine in front of your audience.

All of this makes content repurposing a must for any business that wants to get more out of their content.

Content Repurposing Strategies

Let’s look at four ways you can repurpose your content creatively and breathe new life into it.

1. Convert your videos into podcast episodes

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If you’re already putting time, money and effort into producing videos for your window business, why not get your content in front of even more people by converting your videos into podcast episodes?

Simply rip the audio out of your video content and use it to create podcast episodes, which you can upload to iTunes, Spotify, and a variety of other podcast platforms. This will allow you to reach more people with your content, as well as give your existing followers and customers the opportunity to consume your content in a way that might be more convenient for them.

With fifty-seven million Americans listening to podcasts, and an increasing number of those people doing so during their commute or workout session, repurposing your video content into podcast episodes that can be listened to on the go is crucial for businesses that want to expand their reach.

Podcast episodes that discuss related topics can then further be repurposed into audiobooks and distributed through platforms such as Audible.

2. Transcribe videos into blog posts

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Another way of repurposing your video content is to transcribe it and turn it into blog posts. You can do this yourself, or use a service such as Rev to complete the transcription for you. Once you’ve transcribed your video, format the transcription into a blog post. Remember to spruce up the post with some engaging visuals and add any links that your audience might find useful.

You can increase your blog posts’ visibility in search engines by taking the time to optimize them properly. Create custom meta title and description tags for all your blog posts. Remember to include your main keyword as well as a few secondary keywords you’d like to target in your meta tags, as well as within the content itself.

3. Create infographics from your blog posts

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You can breathe new life into your existing blog posts by using them to create infographics. This highly popular type of visual content is as much as thirty times more likely to be read than a regular blog post, as well as shared three times more than any other type of content on social media.

Blog posts that feature a lot of numbers and hard data are prime candidates for being repurposed into infographics. Since many people understand and retain information much more easily when it’s presented to them visually, infographics are a great way to educate your audience on complex or dry topics.

Tools such as Canva and Piktochart can help you create infographics quickly, even if you don’t have any prior graphic design experience. Alternatively, you can hire a professional graphic designer to create infographics for you.

4. Combine blog posts into an ebook

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As a window professional, you’ll be writing about related topics on your blog. Why not combine a number of these blog posts into a comprehensive guide for your audience? Combining your existing blog posts into an ebook is a quick and easy way to create a new piece of content that you can promote and offer to your audience.

Make sure to supply your existing content with additional research or information, as well as engaging visuals that will take your ebook a step above what’s already available on your blog. Finally, create an eye-catching cover for your ebook, and then get it in front of your audience.

You can use your new ebook as a lead magnet and require prospects to give you their email address in order to download it. The ebook can then be further promoted on your website, as well as your social media channels.

Your audience will appreciate getting a helpful resource that they can download for free and read at their convenience.

Get better results by repurposing content

Repurposing your content by recreating it in a different format or combining different content pieces to create something completely new can help your window business reach more people, save you time, and increase your content’s exposure.

Businesses that produce videos should consider repurposing their video content into podcast episodes to cater to people that prefer consuming their content on the go. Videos can also be transcribed and turned into blog posts to reach even more people.

Data-heavy content such as research-based blog posts can be made easier to comprehend by being transformed into engaging infographics. A series of related blog posts, on the other hand, can be packed into a convenient ebook and used as a lead magnet.


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