5 Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective

Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective 1

You’re using Google Ads to promote your window company. While you’re doing well, you think you could do better - and you’re right! Here are five strategies to make your Google Ads campaigns more effective.

1. Improve Your Landing Page

Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective 2

You shouldn’t ignore your landing page when looking to improve your Google Ads campaign. If you fail to optimize your landing page, you’ll simply be wasting advertising dollars.

Let’s look at how you can improve your landing page.

Stop Using Stock Photos

While using stock photography on your landing page is an easy and often free (or relatively cheap) solution, it most likely isn’t helping your conversion rates. Stock photos often seem impersonal and out of place.

Other companies in your industry will be using the same photos so it will be hard to stand out. Potential customers visiting your website might also have seen those same stock photos on other websites, and will be suspicious about the legitimacy of your website and company.

For a more personal and authentic look, hire a professional photographer to create photographs for your website.

Use a Single Call-to-Action (CTA)

Multiple CTAs can confuse and distract your visitors, making them unsure about what they should do. Decide on a single action that you want your visitors to take and create a CTA for it.

Remember, your call-to-action needs to match your ad’s intent.

Create a Better Lead Form

Creating a good, high-converting lead form can be hard. Using less questions will get you more leads, but a lot of those leads won’t be interested in purchasing from you. If you use too many questions, fewer people will be inclined to complete your entire form and submit their information. You’ll need to test different lead forms to find the right balance.

2. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective 3

Ad extensions allow you to include additional information in your ad, such as special offers or your company’s phone number. This information can help your prospects make the decision about visiting your website easier.

Ad extensions can also improve your clickthrough rate and ad quality score, as well as help your ads stand out. Some ad extensions that you should consider using in your ads include:

Sitelinks extension - Link to other important or relevant pages on your website using the sitelinks extension.

Call extension - A callout extension allows mobile users to make a call to your business by tapping on the Call button in your ad.

Callout extension - Not to be confused with the Call extension, the callout extension allows you to promote unique offers such as free shipping or discounts.

Price extension - Show your product’s price in the ad to qualify leads before they visit your landing page.

3. Create a Negative Keyword List

Negative keywords tell Google that it shouldn’t display your ads for certain search terms. You should use negative keywords to prevent yourself from bidding on keywords that are not a good fit for your products. It’s especially important to use negative keywords when you’re running ads using broad and phrase keyword matching.

Creating a negative keyword list will stop you from paying for clicks from irrelevant searches and will reduce your advertising spend and improve your ad’s quality score.

4. Bid on Brand Keywords

Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective 4

You should always be bidding on brand keywords, both for your own brand and your competitors’ brands. It’s crucial that you bid for your own brand’s keywords because if you don’t do it - your competition will.

Bidding on your competition’s brand keywords, on the other hand, will allow you to guide prospects (who are already interested in what you’re selling) to your own website.

There are certain rules that you need to follow when bidding on competitors’ brand keywords. You can’t use your competitor’s brand name in the ad text, and you mustn’t try to impersonate them. Failing to follow these rules might get your ad account banned.

5. Use Single Keyword Ad Groups

Single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) are ad groups containing only one keyword. With SKAGs, only a single search term can trigger your ad. Using this type of ad group can help you create hyper-relevant ads that will get improved click-through rates and quality scores, lowering your average cost per click in the process.

While it would be too impractical and time-consuming to create SKAGs for all your keywords, you should try to create them for your most valuable keywords.

Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective

Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective 1

To make your Google Ads campaign more effective, start by improving your landing page. Stop using stock photos and use authentic photography instead. To avoid confusing your visitors, use a single call-to-action on your landing page. Split test your lead forms to find out the right amount of questions you should include in order to maximize your lead generation rate.

Use ad extensions in your ads to provide visitors with additional information and improve clickthrough rate. Test sitelinks extensions, call extensions, callout extensions, and price extensions and see how they affect the performance of your ads.


For maximum exposure, bid on your own and your competitors’ brand keywords. Finally, take advantage of single keyword ad groups for your most important keywords so that you can improve your ad relevance, quality score, and click through rate.


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