6 Tips for Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 1

Did you know that, according to Hubspot, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit to a website? That’s why retargeting is crucial to converting website visitors into customers!

Retargeting is a form of online marketing geared towards bringing visitors back to your website. For example, visitors who go to your webpage to learn more about windows and window installation can be enticed to return through retargeting efforts (banner ads, web ads, social media ads, email marketing, etc.). When used effectively, retargeting campaigns increase sales and improve your ROI.


And keep in mind that some of your web traffic is organic, but a lot of it is being generated from your paid advertising. Without an effective retargeting campaign in place, website visitors aren’t going to return. They may even convert later down the road with a competitor and hire someone else to help them with their home windows.  

Keep your business top-of-mind for potential customers who are improving their home and upgrading their windows. The following are six tips for an effective retargeting campaign.

1. Segment Out Your Audience

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 2

Just like with other forms of online advertising, it’s imperative that you segment out your audience and strategize your efforts accordingly. The following are some ways to group website visitors for retargeting purposes:

  • Visit duration (longer visits vs. shorter visits)
  • Number of visits
  • Pages viewed (product pages, FAQs, contact form, blog, etc.)
  • Products viewed (replacement windows, energy saving windows, window materials, etc.)
  • Demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Position in the purchase funnel

Start by prioritizing the segment that will likely be the most profitable for you. If a visitor has visited your website various times and has looked at specific product pages, then they may be ready to make a purchase decision. Retargeting that visitor is more likely to end in a sale!

On the other hand, if a visitor spent more time seeking general information about window materials and window installation, then they may not be ready to make a purchase decision. You can, however, reconnect with this visitor by retargeting them and offering them more general information about your services.

Any information you have on a potential customer can be used for segmenting your audience. For example, if you are retargeting on Facebook, you have access to your audience’s profile information and demographics, and you can tailor your strategy using that information.

2. Change Out Your Ads

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 3

Remember, retargeting encourages past website visitors to come back. That means that they are already familiar with your website. During retargeting campaigns, it’s important to switch out your ads and refresh your content. To get potential customers’ attention, you need to keep things fresh. Change out your banner content on your homepage to keep people interested in your offerings.

You’ll want a variety of ad designs at your fingertips for your retargeting campaign. Some ads should be used to draw attention to your business and the windows and services you offer, while other ads should feature specific products. Product-specific ads enable you to retarget segments of visitors who have spent time on those product pages.

3. Limit Retargeting Frequency

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 4

When retargeting, some potential customers may see your content and ads multiple times, on their mobile devices, on their Facebook newsfeeds, and while surfing the web on other websites. An effective retargeting campaign requires a certain finesse to avoid hitting your audience with too many ads.

First of all, don’t retarget past customers. If they’ve already purchased from you, they may be overwhelmed by your ad content, and you may be wasting valuable marketing dollars on advertising to people who have already upgraded their windows with you. (Note that the exception to this rule is if you’d like to upsell past customers or if you think it might be time for particular customers to replace their windows.)

Secondly, be careful not to expose your audience to too many ad impressions of the same content. This can backfire on you if people get tired of seeing your ads or feel that you’re being too pushy.

You can control retargeting frequency by customizing the lifespan of the cookies on your website and/or by using burn pixels. Burn pixels mark past customers and exclude them from retargeting ads.

4. Test Out What Works Best

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 5

You and your team will need to test what works and what doesn’t for prompting past website visitors to purchase windows. The following are elements you can vary in your retargeting ads for testing purposes:

  • Ad size
  • Text content
  • CTA (“call-to-action”)
  • Images
  • Social media platforms
  • Time of day
  • Location

Vary each of these and see which combination of elements leads to the most success for you. Every audience is different, and your best bet is to run A/B testing. Be sure to test your strategies and implement the most successful ones to get the most out of your marketing budget.

5. Tailor Each Piece of Content and Every Ad to the Segment and Platform

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 6

Every single piece of content and every ad that you publish has to be tailored and customized for the segment you’re retargeting and for the platform you’re publishing it on. Your content should serve the wants and needs of each segment.

If you’re targeting a segment that has visited a particular webpage on your website, then the marketing content delivered to that segment should reflect that webpage. If a website visitor spent the majority of their visit on your web pages featuring aluminum windows, then don’t target them with content on vinyl windows.

6. Setup Email Campaigns

Creating a Highly Effective Retargeting Campaign 7

Email marketing is a major tool in retargeting campaigns. It’s a simple and effective tool for reaching website visitors and extending your reach to potential customers.

One simple strategy is to follow-up with a previous visitor by sending them an email to keep your windows at the top of their minds. An email can remind them about the windows they were researching at your dealership. If a particular visitor was reading up on energy saving windows on your website, then follow up with an email containing information on your windows with the highest energy ratings.

Retargeting is an essential form of online marketing for reengaging website visitors and turning them into future customers. You are far more likely to generate business from customers who have already visited your website and familiarized themselves with your products. Increase conversions and sales by optimizing your retargeting efforts.


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