6 Tools That You Can Use to Spy on Your Competitors’ Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing a window business online can be hard. Not knowing what your competition is doing only makes it harder. It forces you to start from scratch and experiment with a wide variety of different strategies, wasting time and money in the process. This can be avoided by keeping an eye on your competition and everything they’re doing.

There are plenty of tools available online that can provide you with insight into what your competitors are doing to market their business. Using these tools will allow you to understand what kind of content your competition is producing, how they’re promoting it, and how it’s performing.

Having all of this information will provide you with the opportunity to improve your own marketing strategy and devise a plan to outperform your competition.


Competitors' Marketing Campaigns Spying Tools

In this post, we’re going to look at six excellent tools that enable you to spy on your competitors’ marketing campaigns and gain a competitive advantage in the process.

1. SimilarWeb

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Understanding how much traffic your competitors are generating and which channels are bringing in most of their visitors is crucial information that can help you improve your own marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a tool that can supply you with all of this information, look no further than SimilarWeb.

With SimilarWeb, all you need to do is type in your competitor’s website, and you’ll see an overview of their monthly traffic, including information on visit duration and bounce rate. You can also see a breakdown of all the channels that are currently driving traffic to your competitor’s website, as well as examine audience demographics and interests.

SimilarWeb can show you the specific websites that are driving traffic to your competitors, enabling you to potentially pursue traffic from these websites as well. You’ll also be able to examine where competitors are sending their visitors once they arrive at any particular landing page.

2. Ahrefs

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When it comes to analyzing your competitors’ SEO efforts, no tool is better than Ahrefs. You can use it to find a variety of different information on your competitors’ websites, including domain authority and referring domains. Ahrefs can show you a competitor’s entire backlink profile, along with the specific anchor text used with each link.

You’ll also be able to see their top-performing pages, external links, and all the keywords they’re currently ranking for in Google.

Ahrefs can help you find backlink opportunities and content ideas, as well as track your rankings.

3. Mention

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Mention is a tool for tracking mentions of specific keywords and phrases on social media, blogs, videos and forums. You can use it to track new content being published by your competition, as well as content that features your competitors. This will allow you to understand your competitors’ marketing strategy better, as well as find link-building opportunities.

By tracking your competitors’ online presence, you’ll be able to locate where their traffic comes from and learn how their audience feels about them. You’ll also have the opportunity to try to convert their unsatisfied customers who are voicing their concerns on social media.

4. Buzzsumo

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Buzzsumo is a must-have tool for businesses engaging in content marketing. It allows you to analyze your competitors’ content to discover which topics they cover, as well as learn which of their content performs the best.

By looking at your competitors’ content, you’ll be able to generate content ideas and rank them according to popularity. The advantage of finding content ideas with Buzzsumo lies in the fact that you’ll be looking at content that’s already popular with your target audience.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see which websites link to each specific content piece, allowing you to gather information on backlinking opportunities. Buzzsumo can also show you all the influencers that are sharing your competitors’ content so that you can reach out to them and ask them to share yours as well.

Buzzsumo helps you create a content strategy with ease, all while taking into consideration what your competition is doing.

5. WhatRunsWhere

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Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you could track all of your competitors’ advertising campaigns? You can actually do that with a tool like WhatRunsWhere.

WhatRunsWhere can show you where your competitors are advertising, as well as how their campaigns are performing. You can use it to find high-quality publishers that are known for promoting content to your target audience.

A great thing about this tool is that it provides historical data spanning over five years. This gives you an overview of your competitors’ advertising strategies and shows you how they’ve evolved over time.

WhatRunsWhere’s database features more than three hundred ad networks and over 120,000 publishers, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding all the places your competitors are advertising. The ads can be filtered by networks, publisher, advertiser or keyword.

6. Mailcharts

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If you’re trying to figure out your competitors’ email marketing strategy, you’ve probably already signed up to all their newsletters. Now you’re having your inbox filled with a large number of emails regularly, and you have no way of analyzing them effectively. This is where Mailcharts can help.

Mailcharts can significantly simplify and improve your email marketing competitive research. Use it to find your competitors’ latest emails and various statistics such as average send times and email length.

You can use all the data Mailcharts provides to improve your own email marketing strategy and have an easier time planning your email campaigns. It gives you insight into how your competitors plan their content, allowing you to create your own email calendar to outperform them.

Spy on your competitors’ marketing campaigns

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If you want to run a successful window business, you’ll need to keep an eye on your competition. You can use a tool such as SimilarWeb to understand where your competitors’ traffic is coming from and which traffic channels deserve your focus.

Ahrefs can help you look into your competitors’ backlink profiles and reverse engineer their SEO strategy, while Mention can help you keep track of all the places where your competition is being featured.

Buzzsumo shows you what content your competitors are producing, as well as how it’s performing, allowing you to improve your own content strategy. WhatRunsWhere, on the other hand, gives you insight into your competition’s advertising campaigns.


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