The Top 7 Social Media Post Ideas for Window Dealers & Installers



It’s a given that these days, every business will benefit from social media accounts. Active social media accounts.

At the very least, a business should have a Facebook account, but sharing information, tips, coupons and so on Twitter, Tumblr, and local social networks will also help window dealers and installers connect with their potential customers and bring business in the door.

Millennials in particular expect businesses to have social media accounts – and to enable their customers to provide feedback and reviews on those accounts. They expect businesses to show them some appreciation – and in return they give those businesses their loyalty.

It may seem daunting to have to post on one social media account every week…but three or four?

Don’t let this intimidate you. It’s actually easy once you get into the swing of things, especially if you have someone in your organization who likes to write. It’s not necessary to write hundreds of words per post, as you’ll see.

1. Develop Your Posting Strategy in Advance

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 1

Social media is just another way of marketing/advertising. Well, it’s not “just” a way – it’s a highly effective way.

But to take full advantage of it, it’s a good idea to develop a social media marketing strategy that will run in concert with any other marketing you do – whether you take out ads on TV, radio, or in your local newspapers.

While not all posts you make need to reference your other advertising endeavors, you should make the effort to tie in all your advertising media every two weeks or so.

For example, if you’re going to take out a TV ad, announce this on your social media. 

“Stay tuned for our new TV ad. Be the first one to mention that you’ve seen it and you’ll receive 5% off your next installation of more than four windows.”

If your marketing will consist entirely of social media, it’s important to have your social media strategy planned out in advance, in detail, as well.

2. Become a Force for Good in Your Community

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 2

“Giving back” to your community builds good will, customer loyalty, and even brand recognition. This could be something like sponsoring a summer softball team for girls, volunteering company-wide for Special Olympics or disadvantaged youth, or providing funds for charities that in turn serve children or families in your community.

“Giving back” could be a year-long commitment, providing you with plenty of opportunities to post about your activities and inviting your followers to join you at the events you host or volunteer at.

3. Acknowledge Holidays

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 3

Not every post has to be business related, and wishing your followers “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Happy Halloween” are easy topics for a post, and can help build a reputation for your company of whimsicalness.

These posts can also do double duty by showcasing your workforce – helping your followers place faces with names, and helping to develop a trust atmosphere. For example, have your installation crew dress in costumes for Halloween and hold up a sign saying, “Happy Halloween from NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS”.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Acknowledge Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Teacher’s Day, National SCRABBLE® Day, Breast Cancer Month, and so on.

4. Drive Followers to Your Website with Information

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 4

Your followers will appreciate information they can use – and providing information on “How to choose the right window frame,” or “10 tips to winterize your home” or even not-quite-window-related articles such as “5 budget-friendly ways to boost your curb appeal” will intrigue your followers.

They click on the photo attached to the headline, and are brought via a link to your website’s blog or knowledge base to read the article. And then they’ll stick around and check out the rest of your website!

5. Hold a Quiz or Contest

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 5

A great way to build user engagement is to have a regular quiz, once a month or so, in which you ask your followers to share their opinions on any window- or home-based subject. Your followers will love the opportunity to share their opinions.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with your own quizzes, you can always link to content from other sources, as in the example above. The only problem with this is that the viewer will be taken away from your social media page and not to your website (which you want) but to someone else’s website. But viewers who like what they see will probably reward you by coming back to your social media page(s) for more.

Holding a contest, with a “grand prize” once every six months or so is an excellent way to drive followers to your businesses.

Have you been doing business without a slogan? Or with a rather lame one? Engage your followers to help you choose a new one.

Challenge your followers to decorate their home windows for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday and post their photos on your Facebook page. The photo with the most likes receives 10% off their next order of over 10 windows, perhaps.

Or you could hold a “count the jelly beans in the jar” contest at your showroom. Take photos of people looking at the jar trying to figure out the amount and post them to Facebook, Twitter and so on and encourage people to come on in and try themselves.

6. Post Before and After Photos

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 6

Be proud of your work and share photos of as many jobs as possible on all your social media pages. It’s another way to build trust with your followers and potential clients.

7. Ask for Reviews

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Window Dealers 7

The fact that you go out of your way to solicit reviews from your past and future clients on Facebook – where they are unfiltered – is a great confidence booster for your future clients.

It shows that you are confident in your work and proud of each and every job you do. That impresses future clients who will probably become present clients!

Keep in Communication with Social Media

Social media should be a continuous form of marketing for your business. Having a strategy in place will make it easier to keep in communication with clients or followers. If you’d like more information on how to boost your business, the creative team at Sunrise Windows is here to help.

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