7 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Are Still Working in 2020

Just because we’re out of the 2010s doesn’t mean that old school marketing strategies don’t work anymore. Read on to learn about 7 traditional marketing strategies that are still working in 2020.

1. Promotional Items

The first marketing strategy is good old swag. Free promotional items and giveaways are an effective way to raise awareness about your window installations and window options.

Useful free items like pens, highlighters, and sticky notes will keep your window business in mind for the people using them. Whenever someone takes out their pen, they see your contact information. Other popular swag items include stress balls, coasters, tote bags, and magnets.

To get your name and brand out there, offer promotional items to people in high traffic areas. Offer swag to people walking into your store, at tradeshows, or at a local event. Leave a cup of pens or a stack of magnets at coffee shops, waiting rooms, and restaurants.

2. Print Advertising

Despite what you may have heard, print advertising isn’t dead! Taking out ads in local newspapers and magazines can help you connect with local customers.

Place ads in publications whose readership would be interested in your window services. For example, your replacement window ads may not perform well in a magazine about extreme sports, but it might be a success in a magazine about home design trends.

Most print publications charge different prices for ad space depending on whether the ad is in color or black and white; the number of runs; and the size of the ad. Larger ads run for higher prices. To make the most of your marketing efforts, run ads that have performed well for you and are more likely to drive sales.

3. Participate in the Community

Owning a local business isn’t just about making a profit; it’s also about being part of the local community. Interacting with your local community is something you can feel good about while raising awareness about your business.

Many local businesses choose to sponsor youth sports teams to connect with the community. Others lead fundraisers, donate to auctions, and volunteer at events like clothing and toy drives. Working in the community increases exposure to your business and promotes team building with your staff.

4. Talking on the Phone

Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call. It’s true that many people, particularly millennials, prefer to communicate via text. However, there are still many shoppers who prefer to speak on the phone, to ask questions and get in touch with service providers.

Keep in mind that customers who hire you are trusting you with their homes, and they may feel more comfortable hiring you if they’ve spoken to you on the phone. Speaking with someone and being able to hear their voice is more personal than communicating via email or a chatbox on a website.

You may be using the phone to cold call customers, follow up with customers who have completed your contact form online, or returning calls from potential clients who have questions about your windows. Make phone calls during the best day and time for your audience, since potential clients may be more likely to answer the phone during specific times of day.

Test different days and times to see when your target audience is most likely to answer your call. However, if someone fills out your contact form or requests more information, contact them as soon as possible. Conversion rates improve if you call someone within a minute of them submitting their contact information and/or questions online.

Before calling a lead, check the interactions you and your staff have had with them (on your CRM if you use one), so you can understand what they are looking for. A new lead may not be ready to make their purchase decision whereas someone you’ve had multiple phone calls with may be more likely to purchase your windows and hire you for their window installations.

Practice reading from a script if it helps you stay calm while cold calling or following up with customers. If you don’t have a chance to speak to anyone, leave a brief voicemail. Some potential customers may call you back after listening to your voicemail. If you don’t hear back, don’t be afraid to follow up with another phone call.

5. Local Events

Meeting community members and potential customers at local events is more personal and memorable than sending an email or answering questions over the phone. Meet potential customers face-to-face at company sponsored barbeques at the park, at local trade shows, and at local marketplaces. Answer questions, hand out giveaways, and get contact information from potential customers. Set up a display so people can see your work in person, and bring before and after pictures of your window installations for people to look at.

6. Mailers

Even though email marketing and social media are easy options for contacting prospective customers, direct mail campaigns can still be effective in 2020. Mailers are a way way to connect with homeowners who are new to the neighborhood and with longtime homeowners who may want to update their window design or purchase replacement windows.

Include photos of your window options and window installations in your mailers to get the attention of potential customers.

Homeowners that see your mailers may decide to call and hire you to replace some of the windows in their home or to install windows during their home remodel.

7. Signs

Sometimes the simplest strategies are some of the most fruitful. Don’t underestimate the importance of signs in front of your store or office, or billboards in your area. Pedestrians and commuters traveling by will take note of your sign and begin to remember where you’re located. As a result, you’re more likely to be on their mind when they are seeking a window professional.

Your business sign is an item that will last for many years, and you don’t want to cut corners on it. Purchase an appealing sign with your business name or logo. In addition to the sign on your storefront, you can also raise awareness of your window business by advertising the name and contact information on your vehicle and/or work vehicles.

Try out some of these tips and strategies and see if they drive new business. It may feel weird to focus some of your efforts on old-fashioned marketing strategies, but if it works, it works!




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