7 Ways to Market to Millennial Homeowners


The new generation of homeowners are millennials born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. According to Forbes, millennials account for 25% of the worldwide population, 80 million Americans, and they have $200 billion in annual buying power.

As a windows professional, it’s imperative that you adjust your marketing tactics and strategies to align with the preferences and expectations of millennials. Read on to learn more about how to market to millennial homeowners.

Also known as “Generation Y,” millennials are the first generation of digital natives. Millennials use technology more than any other generation before them; technology is embedded in their lives and their shopping habits.

When it comes to millennials, remember the following:

  • You can safely bet that a millennial will research companies and products online before making a purchase decision.
  • They are highly-educated consumers, and they avoid advertisements. You need to build trust with millennial customers before they will hire you to update their home windows.
  • Millennials are impressed by customer reviews and digital word-of-mouth. They read companies’ blogs and browse their social media profiles before contacting a dealer or installer.
  • Having grown up during the Great Recession, millennials are looking for the best deal for the highest quality product and craftsmanship.
  • Millennials are quite busy compared to other generations. They really value their free time, and they expect to be able to find information quickly and easily.

With these traits in mind, what are the best methods for getting in touch with, and marketing window options and window installation to millennial homeowners?

1. Update your website and make it mobile-friendly

Before calling or visiting a window dealer, millennials research companies online, most likely with their smartphones and mobile devices. Keep your website updated and optimized for mobile devices.

Otherwise, you may lose millennial customers who are frustrated by your website or can’t quickly find your contact information. Make sure customers on their smartphones can find your phone number quickly on Google or on your homepage.

2. Publish the best online content possible

Skimming through your online content is how millennial homeowners will get to know you and decide if you’re the right fit before they contact you.

Make the best first impression possible by staying at the top of your game with your online content. Millennial customers will be flipping through your Instagram posts, checking the reviews on your Facebook business page, and reading your blogs.

3. Don’t expect millennial homeowners to call you on the phone

The reality is that millennials prefer digital and textual communication over speaking on the phone. You and your sales team will need to streamline communication to fit their needs and behavior.

Follow up with leads via email, text, or messaging on your social media or on your website. If you don’t reply back in a timely fashion, you may lose potential customers to a competitor.

4. Know what motivates and interests millennial homeowners

The millennial generation is concerned with societal well-being and the environment. They’re most likely going to be interested in energy-efficient homes and sustainable options.

They will expect high-quality products that perform well and save energy. In fact, financially savvy millennials may be remodeling and updating older homes, so be sure to publish content that familiarizes these customers with energy-efficient windows and replacement windows.

5. Save your customers’ time where possible

The millennial generation is known for always being busy. It’s common for many millennials to work full-time and work side hustles to supplement their income.

Wherever you can, save your millennial customers time. If you can provide excellent services in a timely manner, expect millennial customers to write you stellar reviews.

6. Use the highest quality images available to you

A part of being the generation with the most information at their fingertips than ever before means that millennials prefer images and bite-size content rather than lengthy information and long pieces of text.

To successfully capture the attention of your millennial customers, update your website and your social media posts with high-quality images of your work. At your future window installations, take photos of the process and of the completed job to share with your online audience.

7. Implement the latest social media marketing trends

To attract millennial customers, your social media game has to be on point. Advertise to millennial customers with social media advertisements like those on Facebook. Optimize your Facebook business page with images of your work, appropriate calls-to-action, and link to effective landing pages in your content.

In addition to producing the right content on social media, you will need to interact with and engage your audience through likes, shares, and comments. Friendly and down-to-earth communication goes a long way with millennials who want to get to know you through your online presence.

To make your social media content more engaging and personal, feature your past window installations, interview employees on your team, and share behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Lastly, don’t forget to share helpful and educational content on topics like “how to replace windows,” “window shopping guide,” “how to choose energy-efficient windows,” and FAQs about your installation services and your window options.

For how to market to millennial and 21st-century homeowners, the key takeaways to remember to include:

  • Millennials coming through the door have already done all of their research and will be highly educated about your window offerings.
  • Millennials will make assessments about your window options and your window installation services based on your social media and online presence.
  • Millennials will expect helpful, detailed information in a timely manner and in bite-size chunks.
  • More often than not, millennials will not pick up the phone to call you until later in their research and shopping process.


As you adjust your marketing efforts to fit the needs and expectations of Generation Y, keep pace with new trends and measure your success. Ditch what isn’t working and continue to develop and improve successful online campaigns. The time, energy, and money you invest in marketing to the new generation of homeowners are extremely important for the future of your business.


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