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20 Negative Keywords Every Window Professional Should Add to Their Google PPC Campaigns

We all know what keywords are and why they’re so important for online marketing. However, if you aren’t taking advantage of negative keywords, then you may be wasting money on PPC. We’ve compiled 20 negative keywords that every window professional should add to their Google PPC campaigns, and here’s why.

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4 Ways Window Professionals Can Repurpose Their Digital Content

Content repurposing is the process of taking a piece of content (e.g., a blog post) and using it to create another piece of content (e.g., a video). It can include recreating a piece of content in a different format or combining two or more content pieces to create a completely new one.

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6 Tools That You Can Use to Spy on Your Competitors’ Marketing Campaigns

Marketing a window business online can be hard. Not knowing what your competition is doing only makes it harder. It forces you to start from scratch and experiment with a wide variety of different strategies, wasting time and money in the process. This can be avoided by keeping an eye on your competition and...

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10 Strategies to Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process

What is lead nurturing? A method of increasing lead conversion, lead nurturing is about building a meaningful relationship with potential customers as they make their way through the purchase decision-making process. Like with any relationship building, nurturing leads takes time and effort.

Automating Lead...

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