Effective Home Improvement Lead Generation

I will always remember the first camera that I bought. It was one of those that had the place to attach the flash cube that had 4 flashes and turned to the next one each time you took a picture. Oh yeah, by the way, it actually needed film.

I don’t remember what form of advertising drove me to buy that particular camera, but I’m guessing that, at that age, it was probably an impulse purchase. But buying that camera automatically made me a “lead” for another business.

Generating Better Quality Leads


Having seen and been involved in all the changes over the years in the home improvement business, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for good  leads.

Even for those owners that go through periods where they have more leads than their staffing can handle, lead quality is an issue.

Repeat customers and referrals from them are the lifeblood of most home improvement businesses and represent the highest quality lead you can find. But, even this bucket can begin to run dry if you aren’t sticking new customers in.

What’s the most efficient, cost effective way to get new, higher quality leads?home improvement lead generation

Ask 10 home improvement business owners that question and you may get 10 different answers, but, at the end of the day, it’s all about being where your potential customers are when they are looking.

I remember opening the box with that camera in it and finding a coupon from a national chain that offered free first roll film developing. Guess where I developed that first roll of film that I took, and most of the rest of the film I ever shot?

Right place, right time…

How can you be at the right place at the right time? It begins with understanding these two “changes” to the buying process of our optimal customers.


Home Improvement Internet Lead Generation


home improvement internet lead generationEffectively marketing your products and services online can allow you to be where your customers are when they are looking for the types of things that you offer.

Having started in this business as an in-home salesperson running all different types of leads, I believe internet leads are often a higher quality than many other outbound (direct advertising, as an example) lead generation methods for a number of reasons.

  • Focused—Standard advertising is often sold based on the concept of reach. It’s the old idea that the larger the net you cast the more fish you catch. Of course, the concern becomes the effectiveness of the dollars that you spend.
  • Intuitive—Think about the first reaction that you have when you walk into a clothing store and a salesperson rushes up to you and says, “Can I help you?” Internet searchers are more relaxed because they are leading the process, rather than being led.
  • Localized—What happens if you get a lead from a TV spot that’s in an area you don’t service? With internet lead generation, not only can you prevent this, but you can also target specific optimal demographics.
  • Optimized—By creating and distributing content to specific stages of their research process, you can give them what the want, where they want to find it.

We’ll flesh each of these out in future discussions.

Make your home improvement lead generation efforts be the film that a potential homeowner needs to develop.








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