Tax Credit Post Cards Now Available in "Marketing Support"

Help your homeowners claim their 2015 Tax Credits with a post card reminder. Card templates are available in PDF and Word format for your convenience.


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Nikki Domanus

Nikki Domanus

Nikki Domanus is the Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist at Sunrise Windows & Doors. She works hard to elevate the Sunrise brand using clean imagery, informative literature, and consistent messaging. She's a marketer, designer, photographer, webmaster, a CRM guru; the list goes on. Nikki is self-diagnosed with what she terms "Selective OCD", requiring perfect order OR complete chaos in her environment to avoid getting twitchy. This condition may be the result of spending the better part of two decades designing and proofing in the B2B world, or from excessive consumption of "office coffee"; test results have been inconclusive. Observe the S-OCD phenomenon and decide for yourself