Creating the Perfect "About Us" Page on Your Website

First impressions are everything. You would never meet a potential customer for the first time without being prepared and being at the top of your game. The same principle applies when you are marketing your business online. Creating the perfect “About Us” page on your website is essential to making a good first impression with customers shopping for windows and window installation. Read on to learn more about how to craft your “About Us” page for your window business.

Tell Your Story

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Your “About Us” page is the opportunity for potential customers to get to know you. Remember, they are doing their research on windows and looking at your competitor’s websites as well. Potential customers want to get to know you and what you have to offer.

Briefly explain who you are and how you became a window professional. Was your window company passed down within your family, or did you have a previous career in a different industry?

The perfect “About Us” page tells readers about your experience. How many years have you been in the window business? Describe what makes you an expert. Do you specialize in a specific area or type of window, such as replacement windows or energy-efficient windows?

Where & Who

Even if it’s clear on other pages of your website, be sure that your “About Us” page tells readers where you are located and which areas you service.

Tell readers about who works at your company. Is it a family-owned and family-run business? What other team members perform window installations or sell windows? Include an image of your team in your offices or on site for a project. Customers will want to feel they are getting to know you. Sharing an image is an excellent way to begin building trust and to communicate who you are and what you’re about.

Why Should Customers Choose You?

In addition to your expertise, what sets you apart from the competition? What are your values, why do your customers love your work, and what drives you? Find out what your customers value, and show them why you are the right company for their window needs.

On their “About Us” pages, many window professionals choose to focus on values like:

  • Providing fair prices
  • Completing quality work
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Personalized attention
  • Quality customer service
  • Variety of products and options

Along with your company’s values, take this opportunity to showcase your accomplishments. Sharing your accomplishments increases your credibility with new customers and shows that you perform quality work and sell high-quality products. Without going into great detail or providing lengthy quotes, you can briefly touch on your achievements.

Press & Awards: Share a quote from press coverage on your window offerings or include an image of an award you’ve received.

Customer Testimonials: Make space on the page for a short quote from a customer’s testimonial that illustrates the quality work you provided.

Non-profit work or work in the community: Southern Pride Openings, a window dealer in Texas, includes a sidebar on their “About Us” page that highlights their sponsorship for a local humane society. Showcasing work with the community shares your values and shows your commitment to giving back.

About Us Page 2


Ratings & Reviews: Ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, and Angie’s List are powerful signals to customers that you are the right company to hire. Put these ratings directly on your “About Us” page. You can also include reviews. Houston Window Experts has a sidebar on their “About Us” page that shows their Google rating and previews of customers’ Google reviews.

About Us Page 3

How to Reach You

Your “About Us” page is also an important tool for lead generation. Once readers learn about you, they’re going to want to contact you to learn more about you and what you can offer them. When creating the perfect “About Us” page on your website you need to include easy-to-find contact information.

Some window professionals choose to include a contact form on their “About Us” page where potential customers submit their name, email, phone number, and comments. You can then follow up with them to answer their questions and determine their needs.

At the very least, you should include your phone number, address, and social media links on your “About Us” page. A helpful feature you may choose to include is a map of the areas you serve.

Your contact information is incomplete without a CTA (call to action). Direct readers to contact you with a CTA like, “Call us today to schedule a free consultation.”

Design & Format

Once you’ve locked down the perfect content for your “About Us” page, you’ll need to optimize the design of the page for the best results. Your content should be easy to read. Break up the page with subheadings and bullet points or numbered lists. Use short paragraphs that readers can skim without losing interest.

Vary the page with tasteful design that includes color variation, boxes to set off information, and images and videos. Houston Window Experts’ “About Us” page is an excellent example of effective webpage design. The page title stands out in a green font, and subheadings throughout the page are bolded for easy reading. A numbered list (“Top 5 reasons to choose us as your window replacement company”) stands out in bold font, and the CTA and contact information is framed by a green box.

About Us Page 4

The “About Us” page for K&H Home Solutions (a window dealer in Denver) is another effective example. The dynamic design on the page features golds and blues and showcases an image of a previous project. All of the elements on the page (including the Better Business Bureau rating, a map of their location, images of team members, and a quote from a customer testimonial) fit together in a beautiful format that is easy to read.

Last, include links to other pages on your website, like your window styles, window types, and your blog. Links provide readers with helpful information and drive traffic to other pages on your website.

Once you’ve finished creating the perfect “About Us” page, be sure to keep updating it and developing it over the years. Update your images, feature new team members, and add to your experience. Remember, this is your chance to put your best foot forward and convince readers that you are the window professional to hire.



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