Finish Every Install, Every Time

What is the number one challenge today in our industry? If I asked that question 10 years ago to 10 different dealers, I’d likely get 10 different answers.

If I were a betting man, I’d say that if I asked that same group of 10 dealers that question today, all 10 would have the same exact answer...finding, training and retaining good installation help

It’s a challenge that all of us face. Most of the focus right now is on the “finding” part, and I get that.

Today, though, I want to talk about training and retaining, as these parts of the equation are critical to success.

Sunrise is excited to introduce our Support on Site (SOS) app, designed not only to address the training and retaining aspects, but also to make sure that you get paid on a timely basis.

SOS logo

Within the app, Sunrise dealers have links to installation and troubleshooting text and videos as well as a myriad number of ways to make immediate contact with a member of the Sunrise team.

Imagine a scenario where you, or one of your installers, are on a job site, trying to finish an install so that you can collect payment. One of the most frustrating things that can happen is for some sort of question or challenge to come up that can’t immediately be answered. The result is not finishing the job, frustrating for the installer (who also wants to get paid) and for you.

With a smartphone, the SOS app allows you to make immediate contact with a member of the Sunrise service team via tap to call, email, chat or even real time video chat.

The video chat feature allows installer to show the service person exactly what they are seeing allowing the problem to be diagnosed and solved swiftly.

Dealer partners tell us the installation and troubleshooting information has been instrumental getting newer installers up to speed quickly, and getting the job done and getting everyone paid is the best retention tool of all.

Other features include the ability to communicate the latest tech info to the people who need it the most in real time.

Sunrise dealers can find out more and sign up for an account by going here.

For more information about why so many home improvement pros choose Sunrise Windows and Doors as their partners, please email me.


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