How to Continuously Generate New Blog Post Ideas

If you’ve started a blog to promote your window business online, you know the benefits that come with publishing a company blog. Blogging regularly contributes to search engine optimization, the credibility of your website, and helps build relationships with potential customers who are researching windows online. But once you start blogging, how do you continuously generate new blog post ideas on a regular basis? Read on to learn more about how to keep publishing successful blog posts about windows and window installation.

Keyword Research

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The number one reason most companies create a blog is for search engine optimization. A blog drives traffic to your website and your window products and services when your potential customers type search terms into Google or other search engines. For potential customers to make it to your website, you have to conduct successful keyword research as you plan blog topics.

You can use tools to conduct keyword research like Google’s Keyword Tool, Moz’s Keyword Research Tool,, etc. Search keywords in Google, and see which websites show up on the first page. You may not be able to rank on the first page for highly competitive keywords. However, you can target low-hanging fruit like long tail keywords, which have lower search volume but are less competitive.

Once you’ve identified the keywords you are going to target, use the keyword in the title of your blog and the body of the blog. Whichever keywords you are targeting, always write good content that will be engaging and helpful for your customers.

Here are some examples of window blog topics inspired by keyword research:

  • Vinyl window replacement for your home
  • How to replace your windows
  • How to hire an expert window installer
  • Best window dealers and/or installers
  • 2019 window trends
  • Green windows
  • How to tell when to replace your windows

Look at Window Blog Posts That Are Working

How to Continuously Generate New Blog Post Ideas 2

When looking for new blog post ideas, one effective strategy is to research which keywords and pages on your website are already successfully attracting traffic and then create a blog post ideas related to those pages. For example, if your highest performing page is on replacement windows, then publish more blogs on that topic, because your audience obviously has an interest in it.

Additionally, look at your highest performing blog posts. Write future blog posts on the same topic. You can go into more detail on the topic, write about a related subtopic, or write about different aspects of the topic.

Along with getting inspiration from what has already been working on your website, be sure to do your research on your competition. Go to your competitors’ websites and see what they have been writing about on their blog. Doing so can give you ideas about which topics are resonating with potential customers shopping for windows.

What are their blogs about? Are there topics they’ve posted on that you’re missing on your blog? Do their topics inspire other ideas that you can feature in your blog?

Ask and You Shall Receive

Continuously generating new blog post ideas month after month can be time consuming and difficult to accomplish. How do you keep coming up with new ideas? One way to find engaging and interesting blog post ideas is to ask the people who know best: your team members and your customers.

Your team members at your window showroom or your window installers will know what customers are looking for and what their most common questions are. Get together and pick their brains about what information is most valuable to customers who are researching windows.

Go the extra mile and talk to your customers and potential customers. What do they find confusing? What information were they looking for during the buying process? What topics helped them make their final purchase decision? Then use your findings to direct your future blog post ideas.

Keep Things Fresh

No one wants to read the same types of blog posts each week. Keep your content fresh by varying the format of your blog posts. Here are some examples of different blog formats for your window blog:

  • How-to Posts
  • Top 10 Posts
  • Interview Format
  • Q&A
  • Feature a Window Installation Project
  • Feature a Window Style Option
  • DIY Topics
  • Window Design
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Energy & Efficiency

Not only will mixing things up keep your audience interested, but it will also keep them engaged and keep them reading.

Another way to keep things fresh is to dive into topics that are related to your window business but aren’t necessarily about windows. What other topics are your potential customers interested in? Think about the demographics and interests of your audience.

Other blog post ideas you can feature on your window blog that will attract your target audience include themes like the following:

  • Home Improvement Trends
  • DIY Home Projects
  • Interior Design
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Décor Ideas
  • How to Refresh Your Space

Feature a Guest Blogger

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Doing a guest blog exchange is an excellent way to spotlight new topics on your blog. Invite influencers and bloggers in related industries to post on your blog and offer to write a guest blog for theirs. Exchange posts with writers in industries like home design, home improvement, and construction.

There are numerous benefits to doing a guest blog post. A guest blog post can drive traffic from the guest blogger’s audience to your website, get you a link from the guest’s website to yours, and increase your reach on social media. If you develop a good working relationship with a guest blogger, you can open up doors to more guest blogging collaborations down the road. 

Content Calendar

Once you use these strategies to continuously generate new blog post ideas, it’s important to create a content schedule or calendar. Post to your blog two to three times a week for SEO and to keep your audience engaged. Plan out which topics you will write about each week at least 30 days in advance. Creating a content calendar means you’ll have a plan, and you won’t panic and have to rush to think of an idea at the last minute. When you can, write ahead of time, so you always have something on hand to publish when you need it.

Continue developing your blog and publishing new blog post ideas. It will increase the credibility of your website, help potential customers find your window options in search, and raise awareness about your offerings. Don’t forget to share your blog posts via social media and email marketing.



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