How to Optimize Your Business Facebook Page

Users today aren’t just using social media as a platform for staying in touch with friends and sharing moments in their lives. They also use social media to check out businesses and research professionals and services. Optimizing your Facebook page is essential for driving traffic to your website, building an online presence, and extending your reach to audiences who may be interested in hiring you for home window installations.

Why You Should Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms. According to Business 2 Community, 78% of consumers use Facebook to find products and services. There is an audience of users searching for home improvement services like window installation and replacement windows who are looking for local window professionals on Facebook.

When set up correctly, your Facebook Business Page will increase your visibility to potential customers. For example, users searching for local window professionals may find your Facebook page on the first page of Google, or they may click a link to your Facebook page from your Google Business listing.


14 Strategies and Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

The following list outlines strategies and tips for optimizing your Facebook Business Page:

1. Vanity URL

As you set up your Facebook Page or as you take steps to optimize your existing Facebook Page, be sure to set up a vanity URL. Using a vanity URL avoids having a Facebook URL for your page that is long and complicated.

To create a vanity URL, create and claim a username for your page. The username will appear in the URL to your Facebook Page instead of a long string of letters and numbers. For example, the URL For Home Depot’s Facebook Page looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.07.36 AM

Photo source:

As you can see in the image above, the username appears underneath the Page Title. The same username appears in the vanity URL, making their page easy to find.

2. Profile Picture

You’ll need to add photos on the main page. Facebook displays the profile picture at 170 x 170 pixels on a desktop and at 128 x 128 pixels on mobile devices. Use the logo of your windows business, if possible.

3. Cover photo

Don’t neglect to add a cover photo to the top of your page. Facebook displays cover photos at 820 x 312 pixels on a desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile devices.

4. Photos

Pages with photos get more engagement than those without photos. Photos of window installations and past projects and photos of the different window options you offer will engage users who want to connect with a windows professional.

5. Videos

Like photos, videos drive engagement with your content. Effective videos can make a big impression on potential customers. Try posting videos of walkthroughs of past window installations, customer testimonials, window types, etc.

6. About Page

Complete all of the fields on the About page. Access this page by clicking the “About” tab on the left side of your Facebook Business Page. Enter Business Info, Founding Date, Mission, Contact Info, the About section, Company Overview, Hours of Operation, and Milestones. Use keywords so that users can find your page in Google and in Facebook’s search. Be sure to link to your other social media profiles as well as your company URL in the Contact Info section.

7. Tabs

On the left side of your Facebook Business Page, there is a vertical list of Tabs containing different information on your window business. Examples include: Home, About, Photos, Videos, Events, Locations, YouTube, Posts, Services, etc. You can also ask your developer to create a custom tab, like FAQs.

You can add and reorder tabs. As a window professional, you should consider adding a Services tab. For each Service you provide, you’ll be prompted to enter a Service name and description. You also have the option to add price, duration, and a photo.

8. Call to action button

Beneath the cover photo is a space for a call-to-action (CTA) button. Facebook offers these options: Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Send Email, Call Now, Watch Video, and Book Now. Check the click-through rate for your CTA button to see what’s working.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.10.43 AM

9. Posting on Your Facebook Business Page

Like with other social media profiles, you will need to regularly post content to keep your audience engaged. Find trending content related to windows, like home design, home improvement, DIY, contractors, home renovation, and remodeling. If you share effective content, your audience will share your posts with their friends. Facebook Business Pages also allow you to pin a post to the top of your page so that your customers will be able to find it easily..

10. Recommendations & Reviews

You can enable reviews at your page settings so that customers can provide feedback. Positive reviews are essential for attracting new customers. Keep an eye on your reviews, respond to negative reviews and offer to solve the reviewer’s concerns. Engage with positive reviews by commenting and thanking the reviewer for their feedback.

11. Messages

Potential customers may message you with questions about your windows and requests for information. Respond as quickly as you can, because Facebook shows users your typical response time.

12. Chatbot

Optimizing a messenger chatbot is an effective method for offering customer service when you aren’t available. The chatbot answers simple questions and provides information to users. You or a team member can continue the conversation when available.

13. Interact with your Audience

It’s not enough to set up a page for your windows business, post content, and manage reviews. You have to engage with your audience to build a relationship and provide good customer service.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.12.00 AM

Promptly answer questions in Messenger and reply to users’ comments on your posts. Alternatively, use posts and content to ask your audience questions about what types of windows they’d like to see.

14. Share Your Facebook Business Page

Link your Facebook Business Page across your content, including your Google Business listing, your website, your other social media accounts, and your email marketing. Get the information out there for users who want to browse your services, photos, and information on Facebook.

4 Tools for Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Available tools on Facebook will help you make the most of your page:

1. Business Manager

Use the Business Manager to add team members and to give them access to the page. You can also use the Business Manager to create custom audiences, run ads, access billing, and view reports.

2. Pixel

Add Pixel to your website so you can track conversions and identify past visitors for remarketing campaigns.

3. Insights

Insights is an impressive feature that provides analytics to measure the performance of your Facebook Business Page. Use Insights to track Page Likes, Page Followers, Page Views, Post Reach, Page Responsiveness, Post Engagements, Recommendations, etc. Use Insights as you plan future content and identify changes that you can make to your page to improve engagement.

4. View as Page Visitor

Click the three dots beneath your cover photo to access View as Page Visitor. When you click this option, you can see your published page as your audience sees it. This feature can help you identify necessary changes and improvements.

Optimize Facebook and Set Your Business Up for Success


Optimizing your Facebook Business Page will drive more traffic to your website and help future customers find your window services and options. Use Facebook Insights to learn what’s working and what’s not, to keep your page updated, and to promptly answer messages and generate more leads through Facebook.


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