How Window Professionals Can Best Utilize YouTube



Many small businesses and window professionals invest time, energy and money into marketing themselves online and optimizing for Google. However, if you aren’t involving YouTube in your online marketing strategy, then you’re missing out on marketing yourself to more than 30 million daily active users on the website. According to Omnicore, five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

YouTube isn’t just about cat videos anymore. Today, to successfully market your windows and other products and services, you need to figure out how to put your best foot forward on the number-one video platform online. Read on to learn how window professionals can best utilize YouTube in their online marketing efforts.

Strategize, Optimize and Target on YouTube



In today’s video culture, videos are more engaging for online audiences than textual content alone. Omnicore reports that the average viewing session on YouTube is 40 minutes. Your target market is researching home improvement on YouTube as well as Google. YouTube is a destination for researching windows and other home design products, getting a sense of the online word-of-mouth, checking out reviews, looking up DIY tutorials, and searching for information.

When you extend your marketing efforts to YouTube, potential customers researching windows online can watch your videos to become familiar with you and your products. Let them get to know you and engage them before they walk through a competitor’s door.

While expanding to YouTube, keep in mind that to best utilize YouTube, you still need to strategize your efforts, optimize your content, and target your demographic. For example, you can run online ads on YouTube, target keywords, generate leads, and promote CTAs.

Showcase Your Business and Your Windows

YouTube is a place where window professionals can get creative. From videos of your products at showrooms and conferences to buying guides and troubleshooting videos, the possibilities are endless.

Posting videos allows window professionals to showcase their business. People respond to images, and what better way to sell windows that will update a home’s design and functionality than to share what they look like? Grow your online presence and promote brand awareness by publishing videos about window installation, how to choose replacement windows, how to save energy with windows, window expert interviews, and window trends in home design. See the following examples from Sunrise Windows dealers to learn more about how window professionals are utilizing YouTube.

Examples of Window Professionals Utilizing YouTube

Alure Home Improvement is a Sunrise Windows dealer that has enhanced its YouTube profile with videos on customer testimonials, educational resources, videos introducing customers to their professional team, and information on replacement windows.

Note how, in the video below, a window expert walks customers through examples of how replacing one’s windows can help save on bills.



Taylor Rae Construction is another Sunrise Windows dealer that does an excellent job of promoting its business on YouTube. Not only do its videos cover full-frame windows, full-frame replacement windows, and window installation, but they also show a final walkthrough of a window restoration job.



This video not only showcases the interior and exterior of the window restoration, but it also walks customers through the installation process and how the window dealer updates the window to match the wood and how the new window lever works. Customers watching this video can see what the beautiful new windows will look like and learn where to purchase them.

In the next example, Bellari Home Remodeling promotes its brand personality and company history by featuring the Sunrise Windows dealer in a video on Generations of Service. Viewers get to know the window professionals personally and familiarize themselves with Bellari’s mission.



In our last example, The Men with Tools Windows and Doors feature customer testimonials on their YouTube page. Online word-of-mouth is incredibly powerful—new customers definitely want to see testimonials and reviews on window professionals.



YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase your past customers’ satisfaction if they are willing to be featured in a video. In the video “John and Janet Love Their Brand New Bay Window” , future customers can hear how this dealer met its customers’ needs for window installation and home design.

Spread Your YouTube Content



Once you’ve developed an online video marketing strategy, produced creative videos, and posted them to YouTube, it’s time to spread your video content. Embed your YouTube videos on your website, share them through your social media accounts, and feature them in emails.

Brand your YouTube profile and optimize your video descriptions. Include CTAs in your videos and in your video descriptions that urge viewers to visit your website, contact you, and ask questions about your products and services.

In your video descriptions:

  • Describe the video and the topic
  • Include a link to your website
  • Add CTAs like “Visit our website to learn more about Sunrise Windows,” “Visit our website to download a window brochure,” and “Call today to speak to a window expert.”


The more you share your videos, the more traffic will funnel to your website, the more leads you will generate, and the more potential customers will come to you for their needs. To best utilize YouTube as a window professional, continue to showcase your business in creative videos, brand your content, and share your videos across your online marketing materials.


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