Should You Be "Driving" A Hybrid

Everyone knows what a hybrid car is; but a hybrid sales process? Many of our dealer partners have moved to what I’d define as a “hybrid” selling system. defines “hybrid” as “a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.” I’d maybe even take that one step further and add that the “mixture” is intended to make the combination more efficient. In theory, a vehicle that is running a gas or ethanol mix is more efficient (of course that’s dependent on what your definition of “efficient” is).selling_systems.png

My definition of a “hybrid” selling system would be a mixture of a “one call close”system and a more consultative selling approach. This approach can lead to a more effective selling system. (Disclaimer: For my “one call close” friends…understand that I cut my teeth in this business selling gutters and gutter protection and was taught, and have taught many others, one call closing systems. In some cases, this is still a viable approach. This is information designed for those who are struggling with making the decision to move away from it, or have already made it).


Differences in One Call and Hybrid Selling Systems


  • Survey—The survey used in most one call close organizations is extremely scripted. While there are some specific questions that should absolutely be asked, the hybrid system calls for a more intuitive approach, being sensitive to emotional types of answers that might indicate hot buttons, and being willing to go off-script in the direction that those answers take you. In the hybrid model, the survey may be the most important piece.
  • The presentation —Again, the one call close steps are scripted and are expected to be used in order. The hybrid process allows you to tailor the presentation to the answers that you got in the survey, focusing on the most important things to the homeowner.
  • hybrid selling systemThe close—This might be where I draw back in some of my one call close friends that are pretty upset with me at this point. One of the criticism’s of the hybrid methodology from one call close devotees is that it gives a rep an out by not really having to ask for the sale. Not the way I see it…A good sales rep knows how their product can fulfill the needs (covered and uncovered) that the homeowner has. If he or she truly believes in the product that they are selling, they better ask for the sale, and ask more than once.The key difference here between one call and hybrid is knowing when to stop. We’ll explain why this is so important in a minute, but I can’t reiterate enough how much I believe that this system does NOT abdicate the responsibility of the salesperson to fight for the sale.
  • The post close—Also called the button up. In the one call situation this is where you are, in essence, trying to make sure there’s no buyers remorse and the dreaded rescission. In the hybrid post close, assuming that you figured out that it was time to stop pushing, what you are trying to do is get another shot, whether that’s another in-home visit or a showroom visit if you have one; just one more shot.


Why A Hybrid Rather Than A One Call Selling System


  • Time—Some of the most consistent feedback we get today from dealer partners and their sales teams has to be how the amount of time that homeowners allow for an in-home visit has decreased in the last few years. Not surprising really…the days of the 3-4 hour in home window presentation are winding down fast. The hybrid approach allows you to figure out the most important things and get to them. Your homeowner will appreciate that you respect their time.
  • One legs—Maybe the second most consistent feedback…whether it’s time related, or calculated, in many instances. I sold many one-legs back in my days of one call closing, but less than 1% stuck. Get the one excited and then work to get the second shot.
  • Buyers JourneyIt’s estimated that 60-70% of a potential buyers research is done BEFORE they’ll invite a salesperson in. Today you can prettyimage.jpeg much guarantee that somewhere during that research they read something about “sales tactics.” They’ll know as much about “step 3” as you do. By selling to their hot buttons, you’ll get a glimpse to the correct, and incorrect things they’ve learned online.
  • Importance of a lead—From a cost and availability standpoint, you know better than most how important it is to wring everything you possibly can out of every single lead. Burning a lead by having reps play a financial urgency game to the point of being kicked out of the house can become a true liability based on the next point…
  • Internet—Not only is the Internet the place that the vast majority of research on your products and services is done, it’s also the place that potential customers figure out whether or not your organization is even in the ballgame. Between all the social networks, the review sites and even the newer neighborhood based sites, if you or one of your folks gets a little too pushy in a home you can bet that many other potential customers are going to know about it.


Are you using a one call close , a more consultative approach, or a hybrid selling system?




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