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4 Ways Window Professionals Can Repurpose Their Digital Content

Content repurposing is the process of taking a piece of content (e.g., a blog post) and using it to create another piece of content (e.g., a video). It can include recreating a piece of content in a different format or combining two or more content pieces to create a completely new one.

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6 Tools That You Can Use to Spy on Your Competitors’ Marketing Campaigns

Marketing a window business online can be hard. Not knowing what your competition is doing only makes it harder. It forces you to start from scratch and experiment with a wide variety of different strategies, wasting time and money in the process. This can be avoided by keeping an eye on your competition and...

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10 Strategies to Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process

What is lead nurturing? A method of increasing lead conversion, lead nurturing is about building a meaningful relationship with potential customers as they make their way through the purchase decision-making process. Like with any relationship building, nurturing leads takes time and effort.

Automating Lead...

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Who Is Your Ideal Client? Developing A Customer Avatar

As a brand, we typically create marketing that sounds good to us; the customer is often a second thought. However, successful companies know that you can’t market based on what sounds good, but on actual customer data.

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5 Strategies to Make Your Google Ads Campaign More Effective

You’re using Google Ads to promote your window company. While you’re doing well, you think you could do better - and you’re right! Here are five strategies to make your Google Ads campaigns more effective.

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4 Key Reasons Your Window Company Needs a Blog

Most window companies’ websites look the same. They include the main page, product and service pages, and a contact page. They don’t really provide much content for visitors. To set your website apart from the rest, consider starting a blog.

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