The Best CRM Options for Window Professionals

In online sales and marketing, it’s nearly impossible for any business (big or small) to keep track of every lead and prospective customer. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for you and your team to follow up with every lead on multiple marketing channels. To save time, money, and increase revenues, consider using one of the best CRM options for window professionals on the market.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In CRM software, you can pull up customer information and see all past communication with a lead, including email, live chat, and phone conversations. Having instantaneous information on the communication between your team members and a lead can make the difference between losing a sale and closing a sale.

Using a CRM option for window professionals will save you time on repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time targeting prospects at different stages in the sales process. Many CRMs today include automation of email marketing and social media posts. Some even offer AI technology that can make suggestions for marketing techniques and offers that will appeal to your target audience.

With a CRM at your fingertips, you can improve sales, increase conversions, follow up with lost leads, save time, and provide better customer service. Read on to learn about five of the best CRM options for window professionals.

Some of these CRMs are designed specifically for window dealers and window installers. Others are versions of popular CRMs that have been tailored for contractors, window professionals, and other home improvement experts.

1. Builder Prime

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Builder Prime CRM is built specifically for window and door companies, making it one of the top choices for window professionals. This CRM software offers basic functionality like data tracking on prospects, leads, and customers. It also offers lead nurturing tools and sales pipeline management. You can see which lead sources are generating the most conversions, so you can focus your efforts on the most profitable channels.

Window professionals using Builder Prime will benefit from the functionality designed for home improvement businesses. These include features like proposal generation, eSignatures for contracts in PDF format, online credit card payments, inventory, purchase orders, and employee timesheets. You can use the built-in calendar to schedule window installations and review tasks and reminders.

Builder Prime offers a free live demo and a 30-day free trial. It costs $149 per month for three users plus $35 per month for each additional user.

2. JobNimbus

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JobNimbus offers a version of their CRM named Window and Door Software for Sales & Installation Management. Like Builder Prime, JobNimbus offers basic functionality. It also offers features that are useful for managing window projects.

On JobNimbus, you can use the mobile app to upload photos of a window installation, and the photos can be viewed by other users on your team. You can also save notes on specific projects and window installations, create window installation quotes for customers, and have customers digitally sign documents. On both the web version and the JobNimbus mobile app, you can generate proposals, contracts, estimates, and designs to share with customers.

JobNimbus features integration with multiple software/tools, including QuickBooks, Google Calendar, CompanyCam, and Natural Forms. The 2-way or 1-way sync to QuickBooks prevents duplicate entries, and you can sync estimates and track payments, invoices, and product orders. Other features include email tracking (ex. opens and replies), tracking warranties on window hardware, and time tracking for window installations.

JobNimbus offers a 14-day trial and three different pricing packages. The Basic package is $25/user/month with 100GB of storage; the Pro package is $35/user/month with 10TB of storage; and the Advanced package is $75/user/month with unlimited storage.

3. MarketSharp

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MarketSharp offers a CRM Software for Replacement Window Contractors and is popular with home improvement contractors and remodelers. MarketSharp offers scheduling, like other CRMs on this list, that allows you to schedule tasks and window installations. MarketSharp allows for integration with HomeAdvisor, QuickBooks, SmartMail, and RenoworksPro Home Visualizer.

This cloud-based CRM can be accessed from anywhere, and the MarketSharp team offers free support and updates, database maintenance, daily database backups, web training, and web seminars.

With MarketSharp, you can generate reports, manage email marketing and direct mail campaigns, and target prospects by location and demographics. Save time and money by tracking jobs in MarketSharp and find out where you can improve productivity and pricing.

You can try a free demo of MarketSharp, and pricing packages include Lite, Standard, Pro, and additional apps. Pricing varies by the number of licenses.

4. Zoho

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Zoho is one of the most popular CRMs on the market; It is used in 180 countries and by companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Bose. Zoho was featured as one of “The Best CRM Software for 2020” by PC Mag and is an Editor’s Choice. Workflow automation, email integration, lead capturing, role-based user access, custom reports, competitive pricing, and user forums are some of the features of Zoho that were highlighted in PC Mag.

If you’re a Google fan, you can integrate Google G Suite with the Zoho’s Construction CRM. Like other CRMs, you can track lead conversion, customer information, schedule window installations, and identify leads that are the most likely to convert. Zoho will also suggest the best time to contact prospects, help you manage multichannel marketing (including email, social media, phone, and live chat), and generate reports on analytics, sales performance, and key performance indicators.

Zoho includes an AI assistant named Zia and a migration wizard for importing spreadsheet data. This CRM is known for its user-friendly interface and offers 24-hour support and training programs.

You can sign up for a 15-day free trial, and packages include Standard ($12/user/month), Professional ($20/user/month billed annually), Enterprise ($35/user/month billed annually), and Ultimate Edition ($100/user/month for the yearly subscription).

5. JobProgress

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Job Progress Contract Software (built for contractors by contractors) is a home improvement CRM used by window and doors professionals. It is also popular for HVAC, siding, roofing, plumbing, home remodeling, and other home improvement businesses.

Since JobProgress was built for home improvement businesses, it offers many features that appeal to window professionals, like a job workflow manager; online sales; an employee and subcontractor manager; and an office, field, and operations manager.

JobProgress is intuitive and easy to learn for beginners. You can use this CRM to manage and track window jobs from start to finish. On your smartphone or tablet, you can generate proposals, contracts, estimates, digital signatures, remote payments, and scheduling. You can even customize your workflows and track multiple projects and installations simultaneously.

Window professionals using JobProgress can integrate WordPress, QuickBooks, ZenDesk, EagleView, Google, and social media accounts into the CRM. JobProgress offers unlimited cloud-based storage.

You can try a live demo of JobProgress. The pricing is $60/user/month plus a one-time setup fee of $750.


Shop around for the best CRM option for your window business with the functionality you require to automate everyday tasks and optimize lead generation and conversions. With the right CRM, window professionals can save a lot of time and money on finding customers for window installations, increase revenues, and provide excellent customer service.


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