Top 5 Marketing Mistakes in the Window and Door Industry


Without the right marketing, how will you get your windows and services in front of the right customers? You can’t afford to let potential customers decide to work with a competitor because of simple marketing mistakes on your part. Read on to learn more about some of the most common marketing mistakes in the window industry.

1. Underutilizing social media


In today’s digital and mobile world, your customers are researching online for their home needs. They’re sharing pictures, reading about home improvement, and talking to their friends. Meet potential customers where they are by connecting and engaging with them on social media.

Not only will you connect with your target audience, but you’ll develop an online presence and increase awareness about your windows and your installation services. This is how you can stand apart from your competitors and attract the attention of new customers.

In the window and door industry, social media is where you can shine. Past customers can leave reviews on Facebook and share pictures of their new windows with their friends. You can showcase your work on Instagram and Pinterest. Interested parties can like, share and pin pictures of your work. YouTube is also a great avenue for videos that communicate who you are, what you have to offer, your values and your process.

Don’t forget to feature testimonials from past customers on your social media accounts to spread online word-of-mouth about your work as window professionals.

2. Not knowing your target market


A big marketing mistake in the window industry is assuming that you already know your target market, when in fact you probably need to better define your potential customers to properly direct your marketing efforts.

What are the demographics of your customers? Who should you be targeting to convert more leads into sales? A good place to start is to analyze your current customers. You can start big by defining their age range or generation. Are they Baby Boomers or Millennials? Then begin to narrow it down. Are they young families or are they single professionals? Are they first-time homeowners or are they remodeling a home they have owned for a long time? What are their values, interests, and needs? Are they looking for windows to save energy or replacement windows? Or are they looking to remodel their home, and they are more concerned with aesthetics and creating a beautiful space than any particular function?

Next, look at who your competitors are attracting. This can clue you in to who you should be targeting. If you’re not already targeting that audience, then adjust your marketing campaigns to include this segment of potential customers. Hootsuite recommends using Facebook Audience Insights to gain more information about your target market.

3. Not budgeting enough for marketing


A big mistake many companies make is not allocating enough dollars to marketing campaigns. This is a common issue for many small companies, especially when upfront costs for marketing can seem like a big bite to chew. However, rather than shying away from spending enough on your marketing efforts, consider the ROI you should expect once your marketing activities begin to increase sales and bring customers through the door.

Especially when starting out and figuring out your target audience, you’ll have to spend money on A/B testing and figuring out which marketing activities have the best ROI for your windows business. As you learn more about your target audience and become better at focusing in on that market, you’ll be able to save marketing dollars and put more money towards ads and efforts that engage your target market.

4. Not taking your website to the next level


When it comes to marketing your products and services online, your website has to be up-to-date and competitive. Information like phone numbers and product details has to be easy-to-find and readily available.

Post new content frequently and publish high-quality blog posts, product pages, and helpful content for your customers. Having an effective website will engage and impress people researching window services online. You have to put your best foot forward in order to convert to a sale.

Take things up a notch by installing services on your website like live chat. This will improve your customer service and help you connect with people who may otherwise leave your website without calling. Use call tracking to follow up with leads and to better understand your target audience. Publish optimized landing pages and offer informative content like product brochures or infographics to generate leads. The investment you put into your website will come back to you and improve your conversion rate.

5. Not re-targeting potential customers


Research shows that 98 percent of website traffic does not convert on the first visit. To improve conversion rates, you have to engage with website visitors and entice them to come back. Ramp up your retargeting efforts to avoid losing potential customers. Run banner ads and social media ads, and have an effective email marketing campaign in place. Otherwise, these potential customers may end up going to a competitor for windows and window installation.

Know who to retarget and when. For example, visitors who have been to your website multiple times may be optimal for retargeting. Perhaps they have been reading your blog or going back to the same product page again and again while researching windows for their home. Longer website visit durations, number of pages viewed, and demographics can help clue you in to who is close to converting.

Don’t forget to keep your content fresh for potential customers who are returning to your website. Change out the banner on your homepage on a regular basis. You can also run product-specific ads to target visitors who have spent time on a particular product page to keep your windows top-of-mind.


Your general and online marketing and efforts will continue to improve as you integrate these tips and avoid common marketing mistakes in the window and door industry.


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