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Finish Every Install, Every Time

What is the number one challenge today in our industry? If I asked that question 10 years ago to 10 different dealers, I’d likely get 10 different answers.

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Too Busy to Be Aware

Did you know that you can be aware of something without being aware of it?

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Care How They Got There [Infographic]

Last time we talked about how times have changed in the home improvement lead generation business from an immediate focus to a funneled approach.

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Guiding the Home Improvement Buyers Decision Process

Back in the days of running a home improvement company, I was focused on getting leads for tomorrow and the next day. That emphasis, of course, led to a few things...

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Marketing Home Improvements to Millennials

What if there were potential home improvement customers that you could have access to that wanted to own older homes and that were ready to spend money to fix those homes up?

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