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8 Strategies to Generate More Referrals for Your Window Company

Studies have shown that shoppers are four times more likely to purchase from a business if they were referred by a friend. Furthermore,referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred leads. Customers themselves seem to enjoy referring businesses, with 83% of customers stating that they would...

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5 Ways to Generate More Leads From Your Website

All the web traffic in the world won’t make a difference if you aren’t generating leads. When potential customers spend time on your website browsing your product offerings and/or installation services, reading your blogs, and checking out your About Us page, but they aren’t calling you or buying from you, you may...

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Marketing Home Improvements to Millennials

What if there were potential home improvement customers that you could have access to that wanted to own older homes and that were ready to spend money to fix those homes up?

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Local Lead Generation Using the Internet

Local is the new global...kind of opposite of what you've always heard, right? Internet marketing ushered in an era where global is the new local from the standpoint that it makes it easy for someone to sell a product or service world-wide from their comfort of their U.S. home.

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Home Improvement Lead Generation Strategies

During our last visit, we talked about what cameras and lead generation have in common. Today, let’s go a little deeper in our discussion of home improvement lead generation strategies.

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Effective Home Improvement Lead Generation

I will always remember the first camera that I bought. It was one of those that had the place to attach the flash cube that had 4 flashes and turned to the next one each time you took a picture. Oh yeah, by the way, it actually needed film.

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