YouTube TrueView Ads: What Are They and Why Use Them


In 2020, video is the most popular online content format by far.

Considering that 55% of consumers watch online videos every day, window professionals should be looking to advertise their business through video ads.

YouTube TrueView ads are among the most effective types of video ads available to advertisers today.

What Are YouTube TrueView Ads?

YouTube TrueView ads are a type of advertising based on the CPV pricing model. With TrueView ads, you only pay if your ad is clicked on or watched for at least 30 seconds

This pricing model saves advertisers from wasting their budget displaying ads to users that won’t engage with them, which makes TrueView ads more cost-effective compared to other types of ads.

Due to the way the TrueView ad format is designed, it enables users to control the ads they see. If users aren’t enjoying the ad or finding it relevant, they can easily skip it.

Why You Should Use YouTube TrueView Ads

The three main benefits of YouTube TrueView ads include their cost-effectiveness, high engagement rates, and advanced targeting options.

Cost-effective compared to other ad formats

We’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again: with TrueView ads, you only pay if a user actually watches or engages with your ad.

This saves advertisers money and allows them to get a better return on their advertising spend.

Generate high click-through rates

According to research, TrueView ads have 11% higher click-through rates compared to other video ad formats.

Users that watch these ads often go on to watch a brand’s other videos and are more likely to click on a brand’s call-to-action compared to other users.

TrueView advertising campaigns present a win-win situation for both advertisers and users since they enable advertisers to engage the right audience at the right time and save users from viewing ads that don’t interest them.

Since you’re not forcing users to watch your ads, they have a lesser chance of getting annoyed with your advertising and developing a negative attitude towards your brand.

Provide advanced targeting options

TrueView ads provide advanced targeting options that allow advertisers to reach their target audience with extreme precision.

Users can be targeted based on language, location, age, gender, income, the channels and videos they watch, as well as the topics they’re interested in and the keywords they use to search for videos.

This allows advertisers to connect with users that are the most likely to convert.

Types of YouTube TrueView Ads

There are two main types of TrueView ads:

In-stream ads

In-stream ads are displayed before or during videos users have chosen to watch it themselves. They consist of a video, display URL, and an optional 300x600 banner.

These types of ads are great for improving brand awareness and achieving other top-of-the-funnel objectives.

While they’re fairly interruptive in nature, in-stream ads are also highly effective in getting users’ attention.


Discovery ads

Discovery ads are shown on YouTube’s homepage, in video search results, and on video pages. They’re displayed as video thumbnails that link to a video hosted on your YouTube channel.

These types of ads are less intrusive than in-stream ads and allow users to interact with them if, and when, they want.

Since users that have willingly clicked on a discovery ad have shown a higher amount of interest, they’re more likely to watch a longer video and interact with your CTA.


How to Entice Users to Watch Your YouTube TrueView Ads

While TrueView ads are skippable, there are a few things you can do to entice users to watch your ads until the very end.

Keep it short

Watching a video ad, no matter how long, is a time commitment. If you want to make sure that users watch your ad, try to make it as short as possible.

According to Wistia, you should keep your video under two minutes. Videos that run for longer than two minutes get significantly lower engagement rates.


Grab their attention

TrueView ads can be skipped after the first five seconds. This means that you need to do whatever you can to grab users’ attention in those five seconds.

You’ll need to convince users to watch the rest of your video and do it as soon as possible.

One way of doing this is to start the video by letting viewers know that you understand their problem and have a solution to it.

Use humor or provoke an emotional response

Google’s data shows that ads that feature humor have the greatest engagement rates and keep viewers watching for the longest time. These ads also result in improved brand awareness and ad recall.

If humor might not align with your brand, you can also try provoking an emotional response. These types of ads are also marked with higher ad recall.

Use multiple CTA

You might be accustomed to using a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your ads. When it comes to TrueView ads, however, you should be using multiple CTAs scattered throughout your video.

This will increase the likelihood of users acting on your CTA and reduce the chances of them skipping the ad before getting to the CTA.


Start Using YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube TrueView ads are some of the most effective types of ads available to today’s advertisers.

As a window professional, you should be looking into advertising your business with TrueView ads. Compared to other ad formats, these ads are more cost-effective, generate higher click-through rates, and provide advanced targeting options.

The two main types of TrueView ads include in-stream ads and discovery ads. While in-stream ads are shown before or during videos, discovery ads are displayed as video thumbnails in YouTube search results and on video pages.

While TrueView ads are skippable, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do everything you can to entice users to watch them in their entirety.

If you want to improve the chances of users watching your entire ad, make sure to keep it short, grab their attention early, use humor or try to provoke an emotional response, and scatter CTAs throughout the video.


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